Drying Services
flood restoration
Advanced Drying Services

With a Nationwide service we can be called upon at any time. Whether it is due to a fire, general water damage, flood or other severe weather related damage, in the home or in the business, we will be there to get the job done.

When water related damage has occurred at a property we can contact the claimant within an hour of our receipt of the claim instruction. We will then make arrangements to visit the property and use our BMDA technician's skill and knowledge to professionally assess the water related damage.

Moisture content within the fabric of the building will be measured using calibrated protimeters and then our BDMA technicians will install the required number of state of the art dehumidifiers in the property. Immediately commencing the drying, where the removal of excessive moisture from the property will begin, mitigating any further loss or damage. We will then periodically revisit the property to assess the drying needs and adjust machinery levels as appropriate.

Once we are able to confirm a property as being dry we will issue a certificate to confirm this. This certification will then allow the reinstatement works to commence. In the instances where we are instructed to assist with the drying restoration and the repair of a property we, without delay, can progress straight to repair. This minimises the delays that can occur when multiple agencies are engaged and the whole claim process can be speeded up.


  Contents Removal and Storage

Once drying equipment is installed the drying process is underway. If cover is in force we can assist in removing contents into safe off site storage and we can assist in restoration of items where possible.

For more information about our drying services please contact us here.

Online claims tracking

All details and and information relating to a claim is put into our bespoke claims management system called Claimable, the information is then instantly available to our team, so should you call for an update, we have your details and all claim information to hand.claimable clainms management system

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